To foreign providers of scientific and educational information in the electronic form

NEICON is one of the largest suppliers of scientific and educational information in electronic form in the Russian Federation.

Back in 1999 while starting as an informal association, NEICON used the most modern international approaches to collaborating with foreign publishers and information providers: price models, license agreements, consortium principles.

All international practices have been transferred and adapted to the realities of Russian legislation and Russian mentality. As a result, today, we can highlight such NEICON achievements as:

  • More than 20 years of successful work in the market of electronic services;
  • More than 1000 active Russian organizations - real targeted users interested in your product;
  • The use of fully legally correct licenses and contracts, as well as the entire workflow in accordance with Russian law and IP rights;
  • Own events to promote resources throughout the Russian Federation, including annual conferences, seminars, webinars and consultations;
  • Many years of successful experience working with foreign publishers, the participation of NEICON employees in international exhibitions, projects and publishing advisory boards, which is crucial for achieving mutual understanding and effective cooperation.

The complicated system of spending budget funds, numerous public procurements, tenders, auctions, contests and quotes, as well as national currency (rubles) make sometimes a serious obstacle to the work of foreign companies with Russian clients.

All these issues, including proper taxation, are successfully resolved by the qualified NEICON staff.

At the same time, non-stop monitoring of changes in legislation and the market of electronic resources both in Russia and in the world allows you to correctly, efficiently and safely build your work.

Participation in social projects, initiatives of state governing bodies, tracking current trends and adapting them to Russian realities allows NEICON to be a modern and flexible company.

The basic principles of NEICON activity are transparency and compliance with ethical standards in business, including timely and accurate fulfillment of financial obligations. That is why NEICON has an impeccable reputation and a certain weight in the market of electronic resources in Russia and in the world.

We invite all foreign publishers and resource owners and providers to cooperate. Become one of our partners! We look forward to working together fruitfully!

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