Publishing Services

  • Elpub Platform – Complex Journal Support and Guidance
  • Publishing Service – full range of pre-print works for scientific manuscripts and printing
  • Crossref DOI – Contract with PILA, DOI registration


Elpub Platform launched within the cooperation with the Ministry of Science and Higher Education of the Russian Federation in 2013. Since then it got the recognition of the global editorial society and continues to develop with the aim to find specific solutions for various issues of combination of international requirements for science publications with domestic regulations.

Key Features: journal web sitebuild in online editorial systemconsulting on the requirements of international abstract, scientometric and thematic databases and also publication of issues, advertising (banners, pages, menu links), English and Russian interfaces, full compliance with the Russian Law on personal data. 

The Platform is useful for editors, editors-in-chief, editorial staff, reviewers and authors.

Elpub team is about 50 experienced members who are experts, methodists, bibliographers, ITs, administrators and designers working to make your printed and online journal always fit international editorial standards and ready for inclusion in the global editorial environment.

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We provide full range of pre-print works for scientific manuscripts and printing:

  • Design layout in accordance with all modern requirements, journal covers
  • Lead out in HTML, XML, PDF
  • Editing and configuration of articles, proof correction, etc.
  • Printing and coordination
  • Translation, proof reading, language polishing, abstracts analytics
  • Delivery and distribution of copies
  • Pre-print and printing of all kinds of content

"Scholarly Research and Information" journal published by NEICON and 17 others use Publishing Services.

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NEICON is the first, largest and most effective Crossref Sponsoring Organization in Russia with more than 5 years of cooperation and over 300 Sponsored Members including major Russian science and educational institutions. NEICON provides assistance in licensing with PILA/Crossref and makes payments abroad in full accordance with the Russian Law.

NEICON runs the official Russian-language Crossref support dashboard.

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