Dear owners, producers and providers of scientific and educational information! Cooperation with NEICON in the Russian market will certainly have a number of indisputable advantages for you. Here are just a few of our achievements that prove the efficiency of cooperation with NEICON:

  • Twenty years in the market of electronic services;
  • More than 1000 active Russian organizations - real targeted users interested in your product;
  • The use of fully legally correct licenses and contracts, as well as the entire workflow in accordance with Russian law and IP rights;
  • NEICON events to promote resources throughout the Russian Federation, as well as NEICON annual conferences;
  • and much more.

To foreign providers of scientific and educational information To Russian publishers and information owners and producers


From the very beginning of its activity, access to scientific and educational resources in electronic form was the main task, and partly the idea of ​​creating NEICON consortium.

Since 2000, the resource market has grown many times, changed, filled with new products and services, and all 20 years NEICON has been striving to provide Russian scientists, researchers, faculty and students with the full range of information offered by publishers and resource owners from around the world. Over 2000 information resources from 70 leading foreign publishers.

foreign resources


Initially, the Russian market of electronic services in the field of education, science and culture did not develop as rapidly as the western one. However, at present, the number of Russian scientific periodical databases, books, and other products has grown significantly. Although many Russian content providers provide their direct sales, subscription through NEICON has several important advantages.

Russian resources


NEICON offers a range of services for managing the resources subscribed by the organization either through NEICON, a centralized/national subscription or other agents.
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